Rapeseed wax pastilles (130g)

Rapeseed wax pastilles (130g)

Rapeseed wax pastilles (130g)

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Product benefits at a glance

  • Natural material made from hardened rapeseed oil
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials
  • 100% Vegan
  • Ideal for pouring or pulling candles, colored or scented candles

Rapeseed wax natural based TOP wax pastilles

Rapeseed oil is a very special material for making candles.
The CO2-neutral natural material consists of a special mixture of hardened and non-hardened rapeseed oil, the finished candle burns down like a paraffin candle.
It's unusual and sensational the surface of the rapeseed oil candles.
Especially in combination with the corresponding candle colors, the candle takes on an appearance reminiscent of pastel-colored porcelain.

Candle oil from rapeseed as a natural product with the best material properties

The melting point of rapeseed wax, at 57 to 61 degrees, is slightly higher than that of stearin or paraffin and roughly corresponds to that of beeswax.
The solidification temperature is between 54 and 58 degrees.
The wax varies depending on the lot whitish to yellowish in colour, this results in the typical pastel final tone when mixed with candle colours.
Rape wax is particularly suitable for the production of scented candles.
The essential oils are well absorbed and the scents are preserved for a long time.The aroma can fully unfold during burning.
Rapeseed wax can be stored for at least two years at temperatures of up to a maximum of 30 degrees, but it must be protected from moisture.

Pour candles with rapeseed wax

Rapeseed wax is particularly suitable for casting candles.
The pastilles can be melted in a water bath, colored if necessary and then further processed.
To increase the final hardness of the candle, a proportion of stearin can be added .
It should be noted that rapeseed wax candles usually require somewhat thicker wicks.
Ideally, you should test the right wick strength on a test candle.
Rapeseed wax can also be used for drawn candles, the wick strength should also be adjusted here.
When making scented candles, care must be taken to ensure that the proportion of additives is not too high, otherwise the hardening and burning properties of the finished candle may be impaired.

Please keep the product out of the reach of children

Content: 130g

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