Silicone mold cat/dog paw

Silicone mold cat/dog paw
Silicone mold cat/dog paw

Silicone mold cat/dog paw

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Silicone molds are commodities; they become dull over time and receive imperfections such as scratches.

It cannot be ruled out that the molds may become deformed with increasing use or with incorrect use. Therefore, this information should be considered before purchasing.

Furthermore, please always observe the care instructions for silicone molds in general:
Avoid heat as much as possible; too much heat can, among other things, cause the resin to stick to the silicone mold and/or bulge at the top
Remove the cured resin from the mold as quickly as possible
Avoid release agents and alcohol (isopropanol), they reduce the gloss of the molds
An adhesive tape/tape is recommended for cleaning
Storage: store horizontally, but not upside down
Sharp objects can cause scratches

Silicone mold cat/dog paw

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